10 Reasons To NOT Fire Your Hairstylist – 29-Mar-2021

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Had it with your hairstylist?

10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist - you might end up with brushes like this in your hair.

Before you do or say something you can’t take back, here are 10 reasons to NOT fire your hairstylist that just might save your do.

I’ve been told I have great hair. Let’s just be 100% honest with each other, okay?

My hair ONLY looks good because I visit my hairstylist regularly, and I use quality, professional products.

When I don’t visit my hairstylist regularly — Well, let’s just say, I look like I just did a 2-year stint in the Julia Tutwiler Prison.

Over the years, I’ve had dozens of hairstylists, due to traveling for work and moving: Some were amazing, some were meh, and one was a meth head.

getting a blow out is the bomb - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist

True story!

After an hour, I walked into the salon’s break room to remind that dingbat that the color was STILL on my head, and there she was; Slumped in a plastic lawn chair, smoking a meth or crack pipe, absolutely spaced out.

highlight/color foils in hair - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist

Completely disgusted, I rinsed out the color myself, blew my hair dry at her station, and walked out without paying, while that whacked-out addict was God-knows-where.

That’s a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence (I’m hoping).

The truth is, finding a great stylist is difficult.

Empty salon chairs at a salon

But if your stylist makes a mistake, loses track of time or cancels an appointment on you, sometimes it catches us in a moment of frustration, and we want to immediately break up with them. Permanently.

Before you do anything rash, consider these 10 reasons to NOT fire your hairstylist:

1. Everybody gets sick:

I’ve found that reputable hairstylists make every effort to get their clients rescheduled as soon as humanly possible, if they have to call in sick to work. Your roots will make it another 2-5 days, even if you think they’re hideous now. You’ll make it.

2. Bad days happen:

Smiling hair stylist and customer - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist

We all have bad days, and we’ve each experienced a day or two where we were just “off.” If your stylist isn’t as chipper or chatty as they normally are, don’t take it personally. Hairstylists have personal lives, too, and you never know what they’re contending with outside of work.

3. You love the salon:

Empty salon and salon chairs 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist -

From the vibe when you first walk in, to the entire staff’s friendliness and professionalism, you just feel better while you’re in this salon. It’s your salon. Sure, change is good, but sometimes having “your place” is necessary, too.

4. This salon offers other services that you use and love:

Eyelash extensions - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist

Whether it’s tanning, massages, facial treatments, waxing, eyelash extensions or nail techs, if you’re using the other services, too, breaking up with your stylist might make it a bit awkward to walk back in and continue those services.

5. Reasonable rates:

If you’re visiting the salon on a regular schedule for upkeep — not to mention your overall sanity — and they have reasonable rates on top of that? That, my banging-hairstyle chica, is like winning the hair lotto.

Keep reading the 10 reasons to NOT fire your hairstylist:

6. Your stylists knows your color preferences and how you like your highlights:

Professional hair color tubes - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist -

Having a hairstylist that knows exactly what color they use on your roots, and how that differs from the color they use on the rest of your hair, not to mention the highlights that you like best, is almost impossible to find.

7. This hairstylist has made some really good suggestions, and you loved the results:

curling iron and a woman getting her hair styled with a curling iron

Some hairstylists just seem to know when it’s time to mix things up or make a subtle change.

8. Remember that bad breakup you went through and your hairstylist wouldn’t cut off all of your hair?

rainbow hair - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist

Hairstylists know that sometimes their clients are going through some wicked stuff and have a tendency to take it out on their hair. A great hairstylist is going to “chat you up” a little bit first to see where your head is, before they agree to shave your head bald or make any other drastic change to your hair.

9. It could take months of bad color and highlights before you find another great hairstylist:

Pink hair - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist

Good stylists are hard to find and usually booked up for weeks, if not months. Great stylists are even more rare. Be prepared to go through several new stylists before you find your “new” hairstylist.

10. They know your secrets:

Two girls whispering

You know you’ve told your hairstylist some secrets. We all have. Maybe they were little secrets, but they were secrets all the same. They also know how gray hair you really have.

Every salon owner wants you to be happy, because they want your return business.

And if you just can’t go back to that particular hairstylist — for whatever reason — remember that hairstylists are professionals, and they will be perfectly okay with you booking your next appointment with a different stylist at the same salon.

They truly are professionals, and they want you to be happy.

Three hair stylists - 10 reason to NOT fire your hairstylist

Hair salons are our happy place.

Maybe you just needed a little reminder of 10 reasons to NOT fire your hairstylist today.

That’s what I’m here for. (wink, wink)

More tomorrow,


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