Luke Combs Made Me Realize I’m OLD

Luke Combs In Concert

How an evening at Red Rocks Amphitheater introduced me to the entertainer, Luke Combs, and what a fantastic human he is.

Good Sleep Is Important

Good sleep is important. So are good friends. This is the story of how one of my oldest friends has made an lifelong impact on how well I sleep.

Fruity-Fruity Cocoa Pop

I know…you may be sitting there thinking, “Just give me a number of how fruit servings we should be eating per day, and I’ll roll with that.” Done deal.

What In The Space Force Is Happening?

What was revealed or will be revealed that the U.S. needs to be defended from it? Are we alone or not?

Never Marry A Canadian – 3-Apr-2021

I equate being electrocuted with being married to a Canadian…You walk away dazed, with your hair feeling like it’s on fire, and it stings like a mothertrucker!

Teeny-Tiny, DEADLY-DELICIOUS Margaritas – 2-Apr-2021

We used to joke that these margaritas were made of Ecstasy and Everclear. They should have called them “BabyMakers”!

Reading List – March 2021

Three monthly book recommendations to get you reading just 10 pages a day. Here is the Reading List – March 2021 to hopefully get you started.

How To Grow A Tomato Plant That Bears Tomatoes – 31-Mar-2021

Gypsum, sun, water and time are a few of the key factors in learning how to grow a tomato plant that bears tomatoes. Here are the easy steps to growing tomato plants that will bear TONS of tomatoes.