How To Grow A Tomato Plant That Bears Tomatoes – 31-Mar-2021

Gypsum, sun, water and time are a few of the key factors in learning how to grow a tomato plant that bears tomatoes. Here are the easy steps to growing tomato plants that will bear TONS of tomatoes.

See You Next Tuesday – Deal With Toxic People At Work – 30-Mar-2021

Some of you Hansels & Gretels clearly see the breadcrumbs I’ve left for you in the Enchanted Forest of Euphemisms . . . The See You Next Tuesday people of world and How To Deal With Toxic People At Work

10 Reasons To NOT Fire Your Hairstylist – 29-Mar-2021

Good stylists are hard to find and usually booked up for weeks, if not months. Great stylists are even more rare. Here are 10 reasons to NOT fire your hairstylist!

Making A Lifetime Commitment To A Pet – 28-Mar-2021

Here’s what you need to know about making the lifetime commitment to a pet. Spoiler alert: It’s totally worth it!

Have You Killed Anyone? – 27-Mar-2021

These days, if I’m asked the have-you-ever-killed-anyone question, I’ll turn the question back on them and ask, “Holy shit. Have you?” with an exaggerated look of astonishment on my face.

The RISE of The Little Helper – 25-Mar-2021

If you’re over 50 and conscious, you know that helpers are a HUGE part of dating, after 50.

Miami Midlife Crisis – 22-Mar-2021

Either way, each and every one of them had a half-ass grin on their faces, as they quickly shuffled out of harm’s way toward the closest pretty young thang who wasn’t in the middle of throwing down.

You Don’t Have To Fix This -21-Mar-2021

Ladies, I feel like letting the cat out of the bag today. “You don’t have to fix” this may be the words that you’ve been looking for.