Ten New-Career Tips – 28-Feb-2021

10 Tips To Keep In Mind, When Starting A New Career, After 50. Here are suggestions, tips & tricks to assist you in your new job/career.

Hysterical Online Dating Usernames – 27-Feb-2021

FatBikerBallz: A man’s online dating username offers a ton of insight as to what they’re looking for and who they are.

Hold Your Ground – 26-Feb-2021

The Mr. Potato Head game/toy was heading straight down the expressway of wokefulness, making a beeline to Gender-Neutral town.

You’ve Got 30 Minutes – 25-Feb-2021

My hope for you is that you have vigorous sex life. However, if you don’t, then you have to get in your cardio activity in some other way…

Get A Hobby – 24-Feb-2021

Get A Hobby! Here’s a list of 40 Hobby Suggestions, and a few of my hobbies that I’ve picked up over the last year.

Take Care of You – 23-Feb-2021

10 Easy Ways To Reduce The Stress And Take Better Care Of Yourself: