What In The Space Force Is Happening?

Do you believe in aliens?

Are you one of those people who believe aliens are here on this little blue marble already?

Have you convinced yourself that we, Planet Earth, are alone, and, therefore, the only planet inhabitants capable of interplanetary exploration?

Or have you been watching the news lately, amazed by the “selfies” the Mars Rover is sending back?

And equally mesmerized by the mini helicopter that has just been revealed to be buzzing around the Mars atmosphere?

Perhaps, you just find yourself wondering what in the Space Force is happening?

Seemingly, all of sudden, when it comes to Earth being — potentially — visited by spacecraft from worlds unknown, what do we really know?

And what about these “documents” that Congress is scheduled to review and — maybe — release in June of 2021?

What in the Space Force is happening?

Evidently, it’s been so well documented that the crooks in Congress will know about it.

And get this:

Congress is going to decide if they’ll reveal what’s in this documentation that they’re going to “review.”

Yep, those jackwagons.

The people that have affairs with known spies.

The people who employ known double agents as their personal chauffeurs.

They will be the ones to determine whether the American public is of sound enough judgement to know what they’ll learn.

I’ll flat-out admit that I have always found the premise that we are alone in the Universe to be heavily leaning toward an incredibly obtuse train of thought.


Well, for starters, the Universe is infinite, as far as we can tell.

No matter how powerful our telescopes become or how much farther into space we can see, we’ve never hit the brick wall.

We’ve yet to have to stop and have to turn around.

So far, there is no end of the road, when it comes to space and how far the Universe actually goes…


That’s a nearly-mind-boggling concept, isn’t it?

Carl Sagan was brilliant.

His ability to grasp the concept and then explain it to the rest of us, in layman terminology, was astounding.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is considered to be this generation’s “Carl Sagan.”

When it comes to explaining evolution, the time and space continuum and most physics/cosmos generalities to the masses, Mr. Tyson does it very well.

Have you seen his show, “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”?

It’s fascinating.

Well, if your noggin’ thinks like mine does, it’s fascinating AF.

I’ve told you of my affinity for physics, in general, so this should come as no shock.

When President Trump announced the creation of The United States Space Force, people openly laughed.

However, it made me take a step or two back and ask myself, “What In The Space Force Is Happening?”

The logical side of my brain kicked into overdrive, and I started breaking it down:

  • ALL of the nation’s secrets are revealed to each president when they are sworn into office.
  • The President of The United States of America is briefed on ALL national and global security threats every day.
  • President Trump, was very open in his belief that the United States’ military needed to be the most advanced and strongest on the globe.

It made me wonder…

“What was revealed to President Trump that was so imminent or so disturbing that he made the decision to create an additional department of the military, specifically dedicated to exploring and defending space?”

Of course, President Trump didn’t reveal very much.

The “birth” of the Space Force, was announced, as a department of the United States Air Force.

And, pretty much, most people have never given it a second thought, and happily went on with life.

But the people like me…

We’re wondering what in the world(s) is here — or is headed here — that prompted the most powerful man in this world to create a new department of the military, dedicated specifically to defending our nation from whatever “it” is.

Now, you may be wondering, “What In The Space Force Is Happening?” too.

It’s okay.

You can admit it.

I won’t tell an intergalactic soul.

More tomorrow,


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