You’ve Got 30 Minutes – 25-Feb-2021

Woman in tennis shoes walking up cement stairs

You’ve got 30 minutes to exercise.

Stop watch

You know you do.

We all do.

What we choose to do with those 30 minutes really shows us what we’re made of.

For people in our age group, 30 minutes of cardio activity, 5-6 days a week, is recommended – 150 minutes of moderate activity, 75 minutes for really vigorous activity.

man running along a riverfront

Hopefully, your sex life is really vigorous!

Banana dipped in white chocolate

What? It’s just a banana!

If your sex life isn’t everything that you want it to be, then you’ve got to find that 150 minutes of week cardio activity in some other way…

I know, I know…we’d all prefer the vigorous sex life.

Two lemons, a cucumber and a grapefruit
It’s just fruit & veggies! You have a filthy mind.

According to Web M.D., people over 50 should get 150 minutes of cardio each week. Starters should shoot for 10 minutes a day and work their way up from there.

white clock, 11:52, on a black background.

Don’t kill yourself on Day One, is the basic premise here.

If you’re one of the majority of folks in our age group, your physical activity has declined and your weight has gone up.

I’m a stress eater.

bacon cheeseburger

When I’m stressed, I eat.

I also deal with stress by working out.

When I was working with my attorney’s paralegal on my Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I was running at least 3 miles a day.

empty treadmill machines in a gym setting

The 20 pounds I lost wasn’t the point. It felt like I was going to come completely unhinged, if I wasn’t on that treadmill running or walking at a steep grade at least once a day.

It was a great stress outlet, and Lord knows I needed it.

But once the bankruptcy was filed and I had gone through my Discharge Meeting, I stopped altogether.

A conscious choice was never made.

empty gym equipment

I had never said to myself, “Once I get through the Discharge Meeting, I’ll stop working out.”

It just happened.

Now, I’ve gained back the 20 pounds I lost, and I walk by that treadmill at least a dozen times a day (usually to and from the fridge).

measuring tape

The big, black machine (get your mind out of the gutter!) sits idle in the corner while I watch television every evening and politely ignore it.

empty gym

Frankly, the guilt of not at least walking every day for my 30 minutes of daily exercise is really start to get to me.

“Losing weight means you’ll look good in your clothes…

Exercising means you’ll look good naked.”

fit woman in a red bikini bottom

And if you’ve watched any of the recent videos that I’ve posted on Chapter 7 VLOGs page or the Starting Chapter 7 page of this blog, you can clearly see that I have packed on the pounds.

Each of us has a spare 30 minutes to exercise, each and every day.

I intend to start walking on that treadmill again, during my spare 30 minutes.

The way I see it, if I’ve got time to sit down and watch television, I’ve got time to be walking (and eventually running) on that treadmill.

hand pointing remote at television with NetFlix on the screen

We all know all of the good things that regular exercise does for us.

Personally, I not only feel better, I sleep better, too. I’m more alert, and I have more energy. The list of positives is a looooooong list.

So…my little blog buddies…

My hope for you is that you have vigorous sex life.

However, if you don’t…

Why not join me in using your spare 30 minutes to get in your daily cardio?

athletic shoes, black leggings, green grass, woman out walking or running

Spring is right around the corner!

So is swimsuit season…

More tomorrow,


Restart. Refocus. Reinvent.

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