Flower Shop & Vaccines – 14-Feb-2021

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“Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it.”

-Cullen Hightower

One year ago today, I worked in a former friend’s flower shop.

In case you’ve forgotten — or weren’t reminded by TV, Facebook, IG, Twitter, satellite radio or the alignment of the stars — today is the 14th day of February, a.k.a. Valentine’s Day.

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Working in her little flower and knickknack shop, on this particular day, was an absolutely wonderful experience — one of the best days, ever!

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First, I love ALL flowers, so I’d volunteer to work for her (for free) whenever she needed help, just to be around all of the beautiful colors and aromas of the flowers. It made me happy just to be around the flowers. Truly.

Rows of blooming flowers in flower shop

(I’m a girly girl in that way.)

Second, NOTHING could have prepared me for the chaos of that day.

Most of the clientele were men, rushing into the small-town, Montana shop with worried, panicked looks on their faces trying to pick up something — anything — last minute.

Most of the guys walked in with a dazed look in their eye, and just said something like, “Yeah, I’ve gotta get something, or she’ll kill me.”

Ain’t love grand?

love painted in reds, yellows and pinks

It was my job to help them select something for the love of their life, and I was more than happy to do it.

fresh flowers, with roses in the foreground

As the owner of the shop, my former friend had asked me to upsell other V-Day items, if at all possible; Candy, stuffed animals, wall art, balloons — you get the gist.

I’d walk the guys around the shop, ask them what they were looking for — Flowers? Candy? Stuffed Animal? — show them the arrangements of roses and other assorted flowers that were ready to roll, and ask them which price point they were comfortable with.

Adorable, stuffed teddy bear, sitting on a counter

They’d would select an arrangement, and then I’d ask, “Would you like to add some chocolates to go with the flowers?” and they’d almost always say, “Yeah, I guess.”

Miniature chocolate candies

Before you get too Judgy McJudgerson on me, thinking I was taking advantage of these guys, let me just say that MY goal was to try to ensure that the recipient received the best Valentine’s Day gift as possible — not to shake these guys down for every red cent they had.

Cuz…sometimes dudes are completely clueless and need a little help when it comes to buying gifts their lady will like.

What woman doesn’t love chocolate???

Teal box of chocolates, with chocolates in and out of the box.

That said, I’m guessing that little shop made upwards of ten grand that day.

It was a good day for everyone. I walked away feeling happy that I’d been around flowers all day long and had helped dozens of men (and a few women) in their Valentino duties.

Let’s face it, thanks to my efforts in assisting them in that little flower shop, a lot of guys got laid that night.

Vase of roses with petals in the air and on the wooden table.

A solid Win-Win for everyone involved!

This year, I’m helping out in a different way…

I’m answering phones for a particular Midwestern state’s Covid-19 Vaccination Hotline, assisting their elderly residents in registering for their C-19 vaccinations.

laptop, cell phone and earbuds

Regardless of your opinions of the C-19 vaccines (or mine, for that matter), these folks want to be vaccinated.

Since that’s what they want, I am more than happy to help them in that endeavor.

I just talked to a WWII baby (girl), who was named after her father that died in the war. Her name is Stanley. Isn’t that cool?

I wish my name was Stanley.

I’d rock that shit like nobody’s business.

These elderly folks call in, and I get them registered, via the State’s vaccination portal to get vaccinated.

Elderly woman's hands, fingers interlaced, resting in her lap

They’re just tickled pink (Get your mind out of the gutter!) that their particular state has made it this easy for them.

No need to mess around with the dreaded and confusing Internet, or even type for that matter. They just pick up the phone and dial a number, and the person on the other end of the phone will do everything for them.

Black old rotary phone

This Valentine’s Day, I may not be surrounded by flowers, but it still feels like I’m fulfilling a necessity.

Additionally, I get to end my day with the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve helped some people.

Who doesn’t love talking to old people? They’re HILARIOUS!!!

Today was a great day

Another Win-Win

Whatever you may doing today, or whoever you’re with, or wherever you are on Valentine’s Day 2021, my hope for you is that you’re happy, and you’re doing something that gives you fulfillment (that’s what she said!); Even if you’re like me and not in a relationship, on this particular Valentine’s Day.

Making every day count…Isn’t that what it’s all about?

You can bet your ass, it is.

More tomorrow,


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