Texas Donuts – 15-Feb-2021

Texas State Flag

“We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.”

-Bryan White

Weird nationwide weather today, right?

It’s snowing from Texas to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between, and people are freaking out, in one variety or another.

Snowy road with church steeple barely visible in the background

Seeing the video on TV of the snow in Texas, and the Texans out and about flipping donuts in the empty parking lots, brought a smile to my face.

Big Texas boot next to building

If you grew up north of the Mason Dixon line, flipping donuts was a right of passage, during the first winter or two that your had your driver’s license.

It was so much fun!

Little girl making "snow angel"

You’d find an empty parking lot. Build up some speed…slam on the brakes and spin the wheel hard in one direction or the other…and then smash the gas peddle and take off again, intentionally “losing it,” causing the car to slide and then over correct as you steered the car into the slide. Back and forth, round and round…

Coming In Hot Music Video GIF by Epitaph Records

So much damn fun!

Why don’t we still do that?

By God, if you’re in a location that has snow, you’d better get your butt to an empty parking lot tomorrow and flip some donuts. That’s an order!

Throughout the morning, I heard my remote “colleagues” all talking about how the Texans were freaking out because of the snow, and none of them knew how to drive in it.

The northern lights in North Dakota

How would they? It’s not like the good people of Texas spend two-to-seven months, each and every year, driving around in the snow and ice. Most of them have never even SEEN snow, let alone try and drive in it.

Toyota Land Cruiser in snow storm

Sometimes, people lose all perspective. (sigh)

Meanwhile, in the northern plains it’s been -40° each and every day for nearly two weeks straight. It’s so cold outside, you can toss a pot of boiling water into the air, and it will freeze before it hits the ground (or you, depending on how you throw the pot).

Frozen lake with gray skies

I’m not really sure why this little science experiment fascinates so many people, but if that’s what tickles your fancy, be my guest.

I’ll be watching from the window, with 9-1 already pressed on my phone, in case you accidentally impale yourself with icicles.

Woman looking out the window laughing

Most people, myself included, complain A LOT during the winter months. You’re cooped up. It’s dark outside by five o’clock in the evening. It’s cold. You gain weight.

Yep, there’s a lot to complain about, when it comes to winter.

Black & white photo of bundled up man crossing a snowy street

If anything, we can learn something from the Texans who are out in their trucks, enjoying the rare snow in their beautiful state:

Cold Weather Snow GIF by The Weather Channel

Enjoy what you’ve got. You never know when it may come around again.

The next time it snows here, if I can find a parking lot that hasn’t already been plowed down to the bare pavement, I’ll be joining y’all in spirit, as I flip a few donuts myself.

Texas in big, red letters

Tonight, I thank all of you fantastic Texans, who unknowingly reminded me of my teenage driving years — flipping donuts and loving every minute of it.

More tomorrow,


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