If Travel Was Free – 15-Mar-2021

Airplane wing

If travel was free, I’d never be still again.

Airplane in pink, blue and gray clouds

I’d be gone…

Iceland first.

Then, maybe Prague.

Albania, for sure.

How long would it take to hike the entire Great Wall of China? A year? Maybe more?

If travel was free, I’d be exploring Machu Picchu for weeks or months.

Machu Picchu

Shooting Ouzo in Greece, “Oompa!” and staggering back to my white house with the blue door.

I’ve often said I’d retire in Ireland. It’s so beautiful there. I was surprised by how many sheep roamed freely there, and the people were the friendliest I’ve ever met.

If travel was free, eating and drinking your way through Italy would be a right of passage.

Colorful Italy

Dove hunting in Argentina.

Discovering the Amazon.

For some reason, I’ve always wanted to explore the cemeteries in St. Petersburg.

If travel was free, the glaciers of Iceland would be a mystery no more.


The Scandinavian secrets would be shouted from the rooftops.

Christmas in the Swiss Alps would be a new a tradition of mine.

The lush green of Cambodia would be captured in every Crayola box.

If travel was free, I’d spend at least six months — most of it naked — in my private, over-the-water hut in the Maldives, eating, reading and learning to swim.

Maldives over-the-water huts on clear, blue water

Watching the fools running with the bulls, cheering them on, wincing when the bulls win.

Floating and reading the paper in the Dead Sea.

Waterfalls in New Zealand.

Dancing with the penguins in Antarctica.

Meditating among the cherry blossoms in Okinawa.

Japanese cherry blossoms

If travel was free, one thing if for sure, I would set out to see it all, and I would not stop until I saw every place I wanted to see, and I took in every sight that was recommended to me.

If travel was free, I would be free.

airplane wing with sun in the background

Until then, I will read and dream of the places I have yet to see.

More tomorrow,


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