Kittens And Garbage Cans – 7-Mar-2021

Adorable grey Kitten on sofa

“Why are my kittens obsessed with my garbage can?” a new friend asked me the other day. “Kittens and garbage cans!” I thought to myself.

Of all of the questions we are asked — and those that we ask ourselves — this question had me smiling.

For two reasons…

First, it immediately brought to mind a vision of a playful, fuzzy-faced, little kittens climbing, jumping and perilously perched atop a closed garbage can, with that, “What the heck is this thing?” look on their tiny, little faces.

I mean, come on.

Is there anything cuter than kittens spilling out of a basket, box or even a garbage can?

Basket full of kittens

And second, I thought to myself, “That would be a great post title!” and I told her, as much, too.

I mean, why are kittens obsessed with anything?

I’m pretty sure your immediate answer will be akin to mine; “Ummmmm…I don’t know.”

Two cats playing on chairs

But does it really matter what the answer to the “Why?” question is?

Not so much.

Fuzzy little gray kitten

My new friend wasn’t looking for an explanation from me. She was conveying an image of playful kittens and implying that they’re adorable, via her rhetorical question.

I love those questions.

No answer required, and an instantaneous, positive mental picture springs to mind.

Kittens and garbage cans…no one knows why.

Tiny little gray and white kitten

That’s awesome.

This morning, in the abode where I currently dwell, carpet cleaning is underway.

It’s loud and noisy, and what’s happening is a complete mystery to the four pups that live here.

Stanley Steamer carpet cleaner

The big scary machine is neither amusing, nor impressive, to these tiny pups.

Ancient old wand carpet cleaner

At first, they all frantically searched for higher ground where the red machine of imminent death couldn’t reach them.

The only female dog, Izzy, actually plunked her butt down in the center of the living room and “supervised.”

Two big, brown dogs sitting on the wood floor as a living room, looking directly at the camera.

You know…making sure nothing was broken or stolen.

OK Cleaners sign in neon

She had to be repeatedly, yet politely, asked to relocate her station of supervision.

She obliged; Never taking her eyes of off the machine or its operator.

The other three small pups weren’t having anything to do with what was going down.

The puppy battle cry rang throughout the house: “RETREAT!!!”

Three pups hiding from the carpet cleaners

The all huddled on the bed, looking at me as if to say, “This ridiculousness is cutting into our mid-morning nap time. Make it stop.”

After lots of encouraging words, in soft, soothing tones, the pups reluctantly relaxed, still casting distrusting, side-eye glances in the direction of the killing machine that had been set free within their house.

Eventually, they even drifted off to sleep.

Sleeping pups

Mid-morning naps are important, if you’re a spoiled-rotten pup, even if you’ve convinced your pup brain that your demise is on the horizon.

Whether it’s kittens and garbage cans or pups and carpet-cleaning machines, our pets’ well being is important to those of us who love them deeply.

Happy Golden retriever with its tongue out on a walking path

We want them to tear up the house and play until they drop, and we comfort them when they’re terrified of something that poses no danger to them whatsoever.

Wherever you may be today and whatever may be happening in your home, my hope is that your pets are as confident that you’ll protect them, as you are that they’ll protect you.

Just in case the carpet cleaner goes rogue and needs to be swiftly taken out, Izzy’s got us all covered.

She is ON it.

More tomorrow,


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