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All of a sudden, everyone is a Bloggety Blogging Blogger, aren’t they?

Yep, they’re everywhere.

woman with laptop and cup of coffee

I read a bunch of blogs — usually unknowingly.

First, I click on an “article” that I think is interesting.

Lo and behold, I’ve landed on a blog I’ve never heard of, and I’m reading someone’s two cents on how to successfully do this or how to do that.

It’s probably happened to you, too, huh?

Did you learn something or figure out what you needed to know?

woman with laptop and two smartphones

How do these bloggety blogging blogger people know what we don’t know?

Hell if I know!

Typically, it’s pretty easy to determine whether their blog is legit or not.

There are A TON of 100% legit bloggers out there.

cup of coffee, earbuds, notebook and keyboard

They’re highly organized, and have full staffs. LEGIT!

To identify the less-than-legit bloggers, I look for typos, misspellings, inaccurate punctuation and the like.

Let me be clear here: I know that my posts are, most likely, laden with mistakes, here and there.

Guess what…?

I’m human, and I make mistakes.

woman on shoreline on cloudy day with hands over her face

What’s even better for my self-esteem is that I’m totally cool with my occasional nip slips.

(That’s what I call my grammatical/writing mistakes.)

Annnnnnnnnnnd…I’m 100% legit, as well.

If you’re perfect, go stand over there:

White arrow on blue background, pointing right

The rest of us will be over here:

White arrow on green background, pointing left.

…with a clear understanding that attaining perfection is IMMENSELY boring.

Back to the Bloggety Blogging Bloggers of BloggerVille…

I’m not gonna lie.

My aspiration (otherwise known as a GOAL) is to join the successful Bloggety Blogging Blogger people on the express train to BloggerVille and work in BloggerCentral full time.

I will LOVE that!

To achieve complete and total legitimacy with anyone and everyone who may stumble across Refreshingly Fifty, I’ve come up with a personal list of promises to both myself and the blog reader.

Wanna read my Blog Promises?

Oh, you know you wanna…!

My Refreshingly Fifty Bloggety Blogging Blogger Promises:

  1. Be Honest:

    My personal philosophy is that if I always tell the truth, I never have to remember anything.

    Which is great, because I’m over 50, and I can’t remember why I left one room and walked into the next.IF you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

  2. Write What You Know:

    Having never been the captain of a freighter, it would be ridiculous for me to give instructions on how to maneuver one of those suckers through the New York Harbor, wouldn’t it?

    I’ll only post what I know, and leave the steering of the really big ships to the pros.HUGE freighter

  3. Do The Research:

    Sometimes a person has to do some research in order to have a better understanding of the subject at hand.

    My promise to you is that I’m not going to make any assurances that I haven’t thoroughly researched.

    For instance, Refreshingly Fifty won’t be posting the steps to performing a successful triple bypass, for any of you “home surgeons.”

  4. Do The Right Thing:

    Integrity is crucial. You’re only as good as your word, and you show people who you are through your actions.

    Keeping my promises is a valued characteristic of mine — if it’s on Refreshingly Fifty, I wrote it.

    Unless Mel Gibson wants to post 50 times a day on Refreshingly Fifty. When it comes to Mel, the are no rules. Everyone knows that. Mel Gibson in tuxedo

  5. Don’t Sell Your Soul:

    Some bloggers “buy” followers and will do, seemingly, anything to achieve “SUCCESS.”

    Not Refreshingly Fifty. The comments, likes and “followers” are all organic. Always.

    You are among your people. We are ALL just a little bit left of center! Bullseye!!!

  6. Promote What You Use:

    When Refreshingly Fifty gets to the point of affiliated marketing and advertising, the reader will always know who is paid advertiser.

    Simply put: I’m not going to claim to drive a Buick, if I’m not driving a Buick.

    (Yes, Tiger Woods. We all knew you weren’t driving a Buick.)Old pink & white cars in front a beautiful old mansion

  7. Be True:

    Writing can be a little tricky; It’s easy to get off track.

    One minute you’re writing about Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfaits (OMGosh, I LOVE THOSE!), and the next you’re ranting about about the leaky, ballpoint pen that has you looking like Groucho Marx.

    I’ll do my very best to stick to the topic at hand and leave my personal rantings and ravings out of it.

    Seriously, though. Who doesn’t love Dairy Queen?Dairy QueenPeanut Buster Parfait

  8. Share The Information:

    Posting URLs (links) for the reader to click isn’t difficult.

    Refreshingly Fifty will always share the links to where I’ve done my research, so that you, in turn, can do your own research, if you’re so inclined. Unsplash link on smarphone

  9. Give A Fair Warning:

    At times, I’ve been known to use “adult language.”

    Preferably, I’ll insert other words, or slang, that will leave no doubt as to what I’m inferring.

    Sometimes, a genuine “F” bomb is required. Just sayin’. When those times arise, I’ll give ample warning to the reader that there are bombs ahead.

    Don’t effing sue me! Don't half ass anything. Whatever you do, always use your full ass.

  10. Keep The Sex Talk Classy:

    For this promise, I’ll refer you to #9.

    We’re all adults here, and the topic of sex WILL raise its head, every now and then.

    When writing about sex, my go-to writing style is to infer, rather than blatantly refer. Plus, you may learn what turtle snorkeling REALLY means.I've been promoted

That’s it!

Oh! One last thing…

These Bloggety Blogging Blogger people are advertising and boosting their posts everywhere!

My goal has always been to promote Refreshingly Fifty and share the posts with as many people as possible.

You can help me achieve that goal by sharing these posts, if you’re so inclined.

And when you start to see this blog evolve by advertising and boosting on the “big pages,” don’t freak out.

You are, and always will be, among “your people.”

More tomorrow,


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