Luke Combs Made Me Realize I’m OLD

Luke Combs In Concert

How an evening at Red Rocks Amphitheater introduced me to the entertainer, Luke Combs, and what a fantastic human he is.

Goal Setting

Sharing my easy-breezy template, so that you could write your own goals, seemed like the most straight-forward way to help someone — anyone — get started on this endeavor, without having to read 1,000 words about someone else’s unrealistic goals.

EPIC Dating Failures! (Mothers, Catholics & Sisters, Oh My!)

For the record, let me just say that I don’t give a flying fig about what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. Truly.

Remember, people like to get their “crazy” out there right away.

What Did You Just Say?

The Sky's The Limit

Proper grammar will assist your starting-over process, after the age of 50. Good grammar counts!  Full disclosure:  The above sentence isn’t grammatically correct.  It should read, “Proper grammar utilization is imperative!” As in, it can be the difference between getting that second interview or even getting a second date.  Let’s all take a second to…… Continue reading What Did You Just Say?

The Social Media Breakup Rules

Why I realized I had to breakup with Facebook, and how I took back those wasted hours. “Dear Mr. Z.;  It’s not you. It’s me.” If I were sending The Big Zuck a breakup text, that’s what it would have said. I had to breakup with Facebook. For my own sanity – especially, after a…… Continue reading The Social Media Breakup Rules