The RISE of The Little Helper – 25-Mar-2021

If you’re over 50 and conscious, you know that helpers are a HUGE part of dating, after 50.

Real Men Eat Dinner Rolls – 19-Mar-2021

Real men don’t care what your flowerpot looks like, as long as they are the only ones planting the seeds.

Grady’s Birthday Job – 5-Mar-2021

The married couple had reached a compromise, at the onset of their marriage, that she’d partake in turtle snorkeling only once a year — on his birthday.

EPIC Dating Failures! (Foot Fetish Guy)

Let me say it one more time for the cheap seats in the back:

Online dating is a STRAIGHT-UP hallucinogenic fishbowl of certifiable crazy.

EPIC Dating Failures! (What In The World Is BDSM?)

Fair warning: When you conduct your own search, most likely, there will be pictures. If you’re not ready for what you’re about to see, it will be fifty shades of DISTURBING.

EPIC Dating Failures! (Mothers, Catholics & Sisters, Oh My!)

For the record, let me just say that I don’t give a flying fig about what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. Truly.

Remember, people like to get their “crazy” out there right away.