Teeny-Tiny, DEADLY-DELICIOUS Margaritas – 2-Apr-2021

If you’re looking for the best margarita in Houston, TX, look no further.

Best margarita in Houston  - teeny-tiny, deadly-delicious margaritas

I’m here to help, and I’ve done the legwork, research and taste testing for you.

You know how your mind wanders every now and then, and you get to thinking about something that you haven’t thought about in years, if not decades?

My mind did that today, and all of sudden this little factoid popped into my brain:

Molina's Cantina on Westheimer has the Best margarita in Houston

You’ll find the absolute best margarita in Houston is at Molina’s Cantina.

No joke!

After a quick search on the old ‘Net, I was elated to see that Molina’s Cantina on Westheimer is still open and has several additional restaurants in the greater H-Town area.


Molina's Cantina in houston

If you read any other posts of mine, you know that I spent about 10 years in Houston, TX having the absolute time of my life.

the number 10 wirtten on a wall, I think.

Grady’s Birthday Job and Sword Swallowing Old Birds are teeny-tiny testaments to that fact.

Those were the good old days!


Granted, the last time I had the best margarita in Houston was more than a year or two ago, but I remember them well.

Best margarita in Houston  - is small and deadly

First of all, when you go to Molina’s Cantina, you are going for two reasons:

1. Their Tex-Mex food is beyond delicious

2. They serve these teeny-tiny, DEADLY-DELICIOUS margaritas.

Molina's margarita is the Best margarita in Houston

Way back then — about 832 million years ago — you had to know about Molina’s Cantina, if you were going there.

It was a small, unpretentious place, and back then, if you didn’t know about it, you’d probably drive right on by the place.

The food there was AMAZING.

Molina's amazing food

But the margaritas…

Well, they would literally knock your socks off.

Back then, you were limited to two.

That’s it.

Best margarita in Houston  come from Molina's Cantina



Because if you weren’t lit like a July 4th firecracker after two, you weren’t human.

Sparker!  Pretty!

These margaritas were delicious!

Happy Hour advert for the Best margarita in Houston

They barely even tasted of alcohol!

You’d look at your margarita, when it was delivered to your table, in this teeny-tiny glass — it looked like a shot glass with a stem on it — and you’d think to yourself, “That’s it? Where’s the rest of the margarita?”

Absolutely the Best margarita in Houston is at Molina's Cantina

You’d drink one, and believe — even though it was delicious — it was no big deal.

And you’d be sooooooo wrong!

Delicious food would be placed in front of you, and you’d order your second margarita, still not understanding what the big fuss was all about.

tex mex food and Best margarita in Houston

You’d devour the amazing food and sip on your second margarita, and maybe even try to order a third.

Your server would smile at you and politely decline your request.

smiling, kinda-creepy server

You’d finish dinner, and the second margarita, and you’d think that it was all a big marketing hoax to get more customers to come into the little cantina.

poolside margaritas are always good margaritas.

The check would get dropped at your table.

Molina's Cantina food is ssooooooooo freakin' delicious

All of a sudden, you’ve realized that you’ve got a little buzz on.

“Maybe those little margarita-shot-thing-a-ma-bobs actually had some alcohol in them,” you’d think to yourself, having no idea that you were about to get hit by a 15-foot-tall snowplow that your never saw coming.

snowplow coming through!

And then you’d stand up to leave…

Innocent enough, right?

I mean, sooner or later, you’ve gotta go home.

The WHOOSH! that hit you right between the ears made you instantly realize you were hammered.

Not shitfaced, mind you.

drunk ass loser passed out on the grass

Just instantly, yet pleasantly hammered.

A big grin would creep across your face, and you’d probably announce to your friends that you were a little bit drunk.

All off of two teeny-tiny, DEADLY-DELICIOUS margaritas.

Molina's Cantina has the Best margarita in Houston -- HANDS DOWN!

Yep, Molina’s Cantina has the best margarita in Houston.

Molina's Cantina

I said it 25 years ago, and I stand by it today.

We used to joke that the margaritas at Molina’s were made of Ecstasy and Everclear.

You're not in love.  You're just drunk.

It makes me wonder how many babies have come into this world about 40 weeks after a trip to Monlina’s. . .

Molina's Cantina Happy Hour advertising for the Best margarita in Houston

To this day, I have no idea what they’re made of, but I can tell you that a trip to this little restaurant is always worth it, even if you don’t have a margarita…or two.

More tomorrow,


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