Buying Fire & Ice Thongs – 9-Mar-2021

Black lace bra, flowers and jewelry

Buying Fire & Ice Thongs sounds like a Pat Benatar song, doesn’t it?

(One of the best small-theater concerts I’ve ever seen was Pat & Spyder in Houston, TX.)

Guys, we know you like thongs.

Woman in black bikini and thong

We get it.

And guess what…?

A lot of women like wearing thong underwear.

When it comes to picking out lingerie for your lady, pick out a sexier version of what she already wears.

Full black lacy panty

If she’s not already rocking thongs, chances are that she’s only going to wear what you’ve picked out once…maybe twice.

If your lady is adventurous in the lingerie she already owns, then the sky is the limit when you go shopping for her.

A little spice in the bedroom is a really good thing.

Nothing gets a lady’s Harvey Wallbanger warmed up and ready to go faster than knowing that she’s got her man’s twig and berries standing at attention.

Black woman unhooking a black bra clasp

Beautiful lingerie helps in this particular scenario.

But here’s the thong — I mean the thing — fellas…

Two women in black lace thongs

Gentlemen, going for the gold in the mattress Olympics takes some thoughtfulness and consideration on your part.

Buying lacy, silky, satiny teddies, babydolls and pajamas are much appreciated, but they can’t be worn regularly or out of the house.

If you really want to help the love of your life feel like a million bucks all day long, buy her matching sets of gorgeous bras and panties.

sets of matching women's bra and panties

Choosing the correct size is critical.

Do a little snooping and make sure that you have the correct size when ordering online or shopping at every man’s favorite lingerie store.

black lace bra and thong with pink and white stripe box that says Victoria's S on it

There’s a reason not to buy Fire & Ice Thongs!

Because if it’s too small, it feels like your crack is on fire. It’s a permanent wedgie all day long.

Red and white Calvin Klein underwear with woman wearing jean shorts

No bueno!

And if it’s too big, well, let’s just say that if there’s a lot of breeze in The Netherlands, a lady’s lips can get chilly.

Yep, it’s true.

Buying fire & ice thongs is not a good thing.

Think of it this way:

Black woman thinking pose

The next time you’re spontaneously unwrapping your absolute favorite present on a Sunday afternoon, how amazing is it going to be to discover that she’s wearing what you bought for her?

burnt orange lace bra cup

Houston, we have lift off!!!

upclose photo of a rocket and boosters

And let’s just say that the thought and effort of actually ordering/buying these beautiful, matching sets for your lovely lady is going to get your Jackson a lot more action in Tinsel Town.

More tomorrow,


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