A Pet’s Unconditional Love – 10-Mar-2021

Little Man with a red ball in his mouth, tongue out

A Pet’s Unconditional Love Is The Purest Love.

Isn’t it amazing how our pets love us unconditionally?

two dogs on the rug, one white, one black.

They’re always ready to help you celebrate, no matter what the occasion.

They stare at us with adoring eyes, full of love, and they never hold grudge.

Light brown dog gazing at the camera with love in his eyes.  A Pet's Unconditional Love is captured in this photo.

A pet’s unconditional love is something that “animal lovers” get.

Our pets know when we’re happy, upset, angry, sad — all of it.

When we’re sad, they try to comfort us.

Just say the word, and they’re always ready to party. No questions asked.

Golden lab with his tongue hanging out.

Somewhere along the line, my dog, Little Man, decided that if you sneeze, you need a puppy “kiss.”

Aren’t puppy kisses awesome?!?

A startled kitten on a light gray sofa.

From anywhere in the house, if Little Man hears you sneeze, he’s making a beeline to your lap, and he’ll hop up and give you a quick puppy kiss, smack dab on the lips.

A pug jumping into the water.

Those are the rules, according to Little Man.

I don’t question Little Man’s logic.

A while back, I started carrying a card in my wallet.

It’s directly behind my driver’s license.

If, for some reason, I’m unconscious or worse, the people who go through my wallet will find this card.

My Pet Is Home Alone

On the reverse side, there are check boxes as to what kind of pet you have and how many, as well as a primary and alternate list of contacts.

If you have pets and live alone, I highly recommend carrying one of these cards.

It might be a good idea to talk to your close friends and family and let them know — if something happens to you — who you’d like to care for your pet(s) or where you’d like for them to go.

A barefoot couple with a cat and dog.

For me, I’ve always been clear. As long as my two dogs are kept together and live indoors, they’ll be content.

That’s all I ask.

After all, a pet’s unconditional love will gradually transfer, should something happen to you.

A tabby cat and a white puppy in the grass cuddling.

Isn’t the least we can do is to plan ahead and ensure they’re well cared for if something happens to us?

I think so.

You do what’s best for you and your furbaby.

And if you sneeze, Little Man will kiss you and make it all better.

Little Man with his ball and his tongue out.
Little Man!

As far as Little Man is concerned, that’s his job.

He’s really good at it.

More tomorrow,


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